Some Great Churches and Pastor Friends in Japan

You may have heard Japan has the lowest percentage of Christians in the world at about 0.5%.
That is true, and this is why we are here!

In the 13 years since we started Lifehouse in Tokyo we have planted 20 churches, 14 of these are in Japan, and combined we reach almost 4000 people on a weekly basis.
But to reach Japan we know we can’t do it alone.
We will need many hundred and thousands of Churches planted to reach this nation.

I love seeing other Churches and pastors do well in Japan.
Some of my greatest friends are pastors of Churches in Tokyo.
We get together regularly to pray over the city and encourage each other.

Here is a quick introduction to some of my good friends and their Churches in the Tokyo area.

New Hope Tokyo

Ps Talo Sataraka planted New Hope in Tokyo in 1999 after he and his family returned to Japan from Hawaii.
Together with a few other leaders they gathered together and pioneered this great Church in central Tokyo.
Since then they have also planted a number of churches in Japan.
Ps Talo is a great personal friend and welcomed our family and small team to worship together when we first moved to Japan.

Ps Talo Sataraka, Pastor in Japan

Hope Church Chiba

Ps Steve Kaylor and family planted Hope Church in Chiba in 1991.
Ps Steve was actually born in Fukuoka Japan, so is technically ‘made in Japan’!
They have an amazing Church east of Tokyo and is a great blessing to the many families and young people that attend.

Ps Steve Kaylor, pastor in Japan

Every Nation Yokohama

Ps Scott Douma planted Every Nation Church (formerly known as Yokohama Grace Bible Church) in Yokohama in 1986.
He was originally from the USA and spent time in Guam where he met Jesus and felt a calling to Japan.
They have grown an amazing church south of Tokyo, and have a heart for discipleship and reaching the next generation of students.
They also oversee a number of Every Nation churches in Japan.

Ps Scott Douma, Pastor in Japan

Together, and with many other great Churches, we can reach Japan for Jesus!


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  1. It’s so great to see Churches in Japan working together to reach out to people with the news of Jesus! These are all wonderful churchs in Tokyo- Would recommend them to anyone looking for a church family!

  2. Great is good to know your GOD who have power all over the world my JEHOVAH don’t ask anything from you only give your life to jesus

  3. Greetings in the precious ne of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    It is Pastor Calvin Nawaz from Pakistan. I am very happy to see leadership works for Christ in Japan as new Hope.
    May God bless al l the team members and especially the founder of this wonderful vision.

    1. Thank you for connecting with us, one of our pastors will be emailing you to connect

  4. I am from Bangladesh . I am a independent pastor. I have a little ministry . please pray for my ministry. God bless you and your all activities.

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