Ephesians Discoveries p3: How Blessed Are We?

Living as Sons and Daughters of God, Ephesians Discoveries with Ps Rod Plummer

This is the part three of a special short-form series we’re posting every Friday called Ephesians Discoveries – Living as Sons and Daughters of God. Before I became a Believer, I was sure I was under a curse, that constantly things went wrong. Up to the age of 19, I didn’t know Jesus. I was a fireman. I broke a lot of bones in my body, through injuries and just things weren’t working out. And after becoming a Believer, it didn’t become more perfect but, really changed. And I sensed the blessing of God, all over my life for the first time at the age of 19. He began to bless me. With relationships and better health and a better way of living and thinking. However the scriptures say he has blessed us. He has blessed you, “past tense”. The blessing is on your life, and if there was any curse just say go away. I’m now under the blessing of God, I’m living in the blessing of God.


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