The amazing impact of journalling ( hearing the voice of God.)

I have been journalling for the entire 33 years that I have been a
Christian. It’s a sure way how someone can hear the voice of God and
be led by the plan of God!.

journaling is about hearing God's voice, can be done anywhere - even on the train

If we can get a group of passionate christians all hearing the voice
of God, a movement will soon form. These movements long-term can
change nations. It has always been this way.

journaling is about hearing God's voice

We read this progression in Psalm 45 (my favorite Psalm on hearing the
voice of God)

Verse 1:
It starts by speaking about the joy of sensing God’s themes our his life.
‘My heart is stirred by a noble theme as I recite my verses for the king;
my tongue is the pen of a skilful writer’

It speaks about heart and then speaking the things of God.
It seems to flow from the themes that God is speaking to me right now.

Gdd speaks to us in simple terms and easily repeatable themes.
He speaks about love, or grace, or faith, or challenge in a certain
area, or overcoming, or forgiveness, or rest, or …whatever we need
right now!

This theme, when acknowledged and spoken and prayed becomes a powerful
change agent in our lives.

Even challenging themes can become a positive motivation to change and
come into more of God’s blessings in our lives~

The Amplified Bible says ‘my heart overflows’ with this theme. It’s
exciting. It’s contagious – others will be affected too! The Message
Bible says ‘my heart bursts it’s banks; spilling beauty and goodness’.
The effect of hearing and obeying God’s voice effects our world, and
blesses others around us.

Imagine what will happen when many people in a church all hear the
Word of God regularly!
Wow – a movement is starting!
I believe this is what we are starting to see in our churches in Japan!

Verse 15;-
This speaks of the long term fruit of journalling (hearing the voice
of God on a regular basis). It results in a group of people being led
by God in joy and gladness. They are enthusiastic (New Living Bible).
They are full of joy and laughter (Message Bible)
They love to worship and honor God. They love church.

Verse 16:
The promise for blessing then moves to impact on our sons (and
daughters) and nations. Wow!
‘Your sons will take the place of your fathers; you will make them
princes throughout the land’. The New Living Bible actually says ‘in
many lands’.
We can impact our world in just 2 generations (ours generation and the next)~
‘Princes’ speaks of incredible leaders, strong and influential. (I
believe it reflects ‘princesses’ too – great women leaders!)

Verse 17:-
‘And we will be remembered forever.’ Although this should not be a
motivation for christian leaders, it certainly is an outcome of great
empowering leadership in our generation!
The new generation are always looking for ‘fathers’ and ‘mothers’ who
believe in them, train them to hear the voice of God, and release them
into even greater areas of blessing and influence.
Blessed to be a blessing.
Trained to be trainers
Leading and serving at the same time.

Let’s all be amazed at the powerful tool of journalling – hearing the
voice of God on an ongoing basis.
Let’s teach the next generation as well!

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  1. Great reading Rod. I have been journalling for a long time myself. It is amazing to look back over my past entries and see first hand how God has answered prayers.

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