Heaven’s Applause

Heaven's Applause for the lost finding Jesus

‘There’s more joy in heaven over one sinner’s rescue than over 99 good people in no need of rescue.’ (Luke 15:7 Message Bible)

Really? Is this really true?
Heaven has an applause meter? A celebration meter?
Yes – apparently so!

One new person coming to know Jesus  =
Angels jumping and praising God?

Because it’s the reason for the cross.
Because it’s the purpose for the church
Because it’s the command of the Lord.

And 99 others who already know Jesus brings no such appause and celebration?
No – apparently not!
My current Christian life brings no such applause?
No – apparently not!
Christians just living out the Christian life brings no such celebration?
No – apparently not!
Transfer growth brings no such applause?
No – apparently not!


Because we are already saved, forgiven, loved, redeemed, adopted to be
his children, the recipients of his blessings and promises.

It’s done, it’s completed. How much more blessed can we get.
(Eph 1:3) … He ‘has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every
spiritual blessing in Christ’

So now we (the 99) are called to understands heavens search for the
one. Heaven’s desire for the one. Heaven’s mission for the one.
Heaven’s celebration over the one.

Discipleship principle: We (the 99) are already saved and blessed
abundantly. Let’s make heaven celebrate by reaching out to the one in
need of rescue.

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