Building God’s Kingdom With Faith and Finance

Building God’s Kingdom With Faith and Finance

Recently I spoke at a monthly event we do through our Church called Kingdom Builders. Kingdom Builders is a ministry for people who are passionate about building God’s kingdom through finances. We gather to give to different areas of need across the church and missions. This last year across Lifehouse we have given over 12 million yen (~$120,000) to the needy! I love Kingdom Builders because it is a place where business people can use their skills and talents to build the local Church.

I have discovered in my own life that there is a connection between finances and faith in this important mission. In Hebrews it says that,

“Faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see”

Hebrews 11:1

Viv and I first came to Japan after Viv had a vision of God’s love moving over Japan like a wave, and thousands and millions of young people coming to know the love of Jesus. Of course when we first got to Japan none of that had happened yet, but we started the church in faith that it would happen. We planted the church expecting it to take root and grow. Finances are the same. We plant seeds in faith and expect a return even if we don’t see it happening right now.

Faith is Something You Feel

Faith is the feeling we have when we are confident that God will move.

We build that faith through the word of God.

Romans 10:17

We need to read the word to increase our faith. In Isaiah 43:19, God declares that he is doing an exciting new thing! He is asking if we understand what is happening. People who apply faith to finances through tithing and giving to the local Church are people who understand that God is doing a new thing even if they can’t see it yet. They are full of faith!

Faith Is a Language

In Genesis 1:3, God says the words, “Let there be light”.

Who is God talking to? The darkness of course!
When we speak with the language of faith we are speaking directly to the situation, whether it be life’s relational or business challenges. This is not like “positive thinking” which is trying to improve myself or the situation by using my own thoughts or words. Speaking in faith is speaking what God has already said or is saying over our situation.

As people dedicated to building God’s kingdom through finances, we should be speaking faith over our area of work or business. We should be praying the way Jesus teaches when he says to speak to the mountain that stands in your way (Mark 11:23-24).
Move! So think of your mountain, then speak in faith to it!

Faith Becomes An Action

The Bible says that faith must be accompanied by actions or it is dead (James 2:17).

Faith must show itself. It will be revealed in the way we give and use our finance. God’s promise to us is to bless us so that we can be a blessing to others (2 Cor. 9:11).

This is called sowing and reaping. Giving and expecting God to bring a return. Whatever you give, you can be guaranteed that God will give it back to you, and more. And the recipients will thank God for your generosity. What a great way of living. I’m called to live to give!

Faith Influences Others

Proverbs says that “the mouth of the righteous is a fountain.” (Pro. 10:11).
Our mouths are always a fountain of something.
Our mouths are a source of giving.
Good or bad.
Life or death.
Let it be life!
Speak well so that you are a fountain of life.
As you do that throughout your life you will build influence.

So do you have faith in the financial area?
Are you believing God’s promises for your life and Church?
Let’s feel it, speak it and act on it.


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