Praise, Prayer, Praise

I always looked forward to returning home from a ministry trip. My little boys would leap at me with joy the moment I opened the front door. They would yell excitedly “Daddy, daddy, daddy!”, accompanied with hugs and kisses. Then they would ask me, “Did you get a present for us?” I would rummage around in my suitcase, as my …

RodPraise, Prayer, Praise
Who is Lifehouse Church?

Who is Lifehouse Church?

Who is Lifehouse Church? Lifehouse church started in 2002 from the Assemblies of God churches (AOG) Australia and by the Australian Christian Churches International. This group of churches in Australia is now called Australian Christians Churches (ACC). There are now over 1,000 churches in our movement in Australia. All our Lifehouse pastors are accredited with ACC. We are a regular Protestant church, adhering to the Nicene Creed, as well as the ACC statement of …

RodWho is Lifehouse Church?

The Right Word At The Right Time

Discipleship is an ongoing, exciting journey that spans over years. During this time we have many opportunities to encourage, inspire, correct, and coach the people we disciple. There are days however, when the right word from God at the right time can achieve a lot in a moment. Proverbs 15:22-23 (NLT) [22] Plans go wrong for lack of advice; many …

RodThe Right Word At The Right Time

[Podcast] How Did You Plant 7 Churches In 1 Year?

Welcome to Episode 1 of the “Let’s Talk Discipleship” podcast with Rod Plummer, Senior Pastor of Lifehouse Churches. In this episode we ask the question “How Did You Plant 7 Churches In 1 Year?”. We hope this is helpful to you as a pastor or aspiring church planter. Download MP3 Subscribe on Itunes

Rod[Podcast] How Did You Plant 7 Churches In 1 Year?